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Spoilers· 06/11/2013 01:48


Director's Room

Pic of the day. Link's downward strike was designed to change to a Meteor Smash when the tip of the sword is aligned just right at the start. However, it will be removed if it's deemed too powerful overall after some multiplayer play tests.


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  • Harryx

    Spoilers · 30/01/2014 11:48

    don't remove it. it would be difficult to pull off anyways

  • Austin

    Spoilers · 02/02/2014 22:18

    DONT TAKE IT OFF PLEASE!!!! Link is already awsome let there be more power! Anyway Link is my main character!!!


    Spoilers · 05/02/2014 18:28

    I whish link could be droped out!

  • Norman

    Spoilers · 07/02/2014 02:15

    I think Link's Final Smash should be an enhanced Skyward Strike.

  • Ty

    Spoilers · 13/02/2014 18:17

    Link needs all the help he can get. Make him as good as he was in the original smash and he will do just fine :)

  • Mags

    Spoilers · 14/02/2014 14:24

    This could end up being a small buff, but the setup might be too situational. What Link needs is either less cooldown lag for his moves or more knockback overall. In Brawl, he got punished A LOT.

  • Jonathan

    Spoilers · 15/02/2014 02:26



    Spoilers · 15/02/2014 11:03

    When I grow up I will make my own smash game and I will make link drop out!Do not correct me for the first letter of links name is supposed to be not capital because I don't care about link atall!

  • Noah

    Spoilers · 16/02/2014 18:16

    Multiplayer play tests xD... People get paid to play the new characters and test their attacks and defenses... I want to work for Nintendo xD

  • Noah

    Spoilers · 16/02/2014 18:20

    By the way, JUSTO, the first letter in Link's name is supposed to be capital. :P

  • HyperKirby

    Spoilers · 17/02/2014 23:10

    @JUSTO Hello you little 7year old. Just because you hate the series doesn't mean other people do. If you don't know, they made this series originally for the N64(look it up kid)and Link is an original

  • HyperKirby

    Spoilers · 17/02/2014 23:13

    Also I feel like this should be removed. It gives link and toon link no versitile moves for each other. Just let link keep his down tilt spike. And please bring back the last few originals.

  • Steven

    Spoilers · 21/02/2014 21:07

    Justo please make sense and think about KEEPING the good characters.

  • Steven

    Spoilers · 21/02/2014 21:09

    I mean justo, the first letter shouldn't be capital

  • Sea Cloud

    Spoilers · 25/02/2014 20:38

    I Say Keep it regardless, not matter the move theres almost always a counter move or item that beats it, also with the right timing such a move will leave the attacker wide open!

  • azlan

    Spoilers · 06/03/2014 18:22

    please keep it let link be a higher teir charecter!!!!!!

  • BboyAiris

    Spoilers · 29/03/2014 19:38

    Hope it isn't removed

  • GamerJEFF

    Spoilers · 01/04/2014 15:25

    Sakurai, you really need to stop changing concepts of gameplay cause your just making yourself look bad as a developer. You made smash bros melee that was perfect, and made brawl really slow...

  • InvOpinion

    Spoilers · 04/04/2014 17:22

    Please keep it! If that is removed, then there is nothing bigg-er about any move of Link, at all...

  • Mike

    Spoilers · 2 days ago

    Come on, Link is slow and heavy, so the powerful move counters that disadvantage. Plus, Link is my main!!


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