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Spoilers· 06/11/2013 01:48



Director's Room

Pic of the day. Link's downward strike was designed to change to a Meteor Smash when the tip of the sword is aligned just right at the start. However, it will be removed if it's deemed too powerful overall after some multiplayer play tests.


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  • Please keep it! If that is removed, then there is nothing bigg-er about any move of Link, at all...

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  • Mike

    Spoilers · 15/04/2014 20:43

    Come on, Link is slow and heavy, so the powerful move counters that disadvantage. Plus, Link is my main!!

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  • Ajani

    Spoilers · 27/05/2014 17:52

    the sword attack is kinda based off the last boss in skyward sword when the sword uses energy from lighting

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  • Why would it be removed? Young Link had it in SSBM with fire.

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  • Minty

    Spoilers · 31/05/2014 14:27

    It should work like Young Link's, having the Meteor Smash hitbox at the side of him. Except, with an electric effect instead. :3

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  • James

    Spoilers · 02/06/2014 03:01

    What I find somewhat ironic about this addition is that for once, the original character copies something from his clone...

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  • Bink

    Spoilers · 06/06/2014 13:39

    Sakurai please make Kirby Air Ride 2! I would love to see the series return!

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  • Noah

    Spoilers · 11/06/2014 11:49

    aren't all smash moves suposed to be powerful

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  • btrujo

    Spoilers · 25/07/2014 07:23

    what happened??

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  • Really little mac k.o punch is stronger then this why would u take it out. :'/

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  • Peter

    Spoilers · 24/08/2014 13:55

    Awesome!! keep it please!just like young link in SSBM!! I´m agree with that move.Excellent sakurai!

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  • Yes David, it's still in.

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  • David

    Spoilers · 14/09/2014 16:17

    Thanks, Gold. Glad it is.

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  • Fancy meeting you here, Monado boys...

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  • Jake

    Spoilers · 14/09/2014 16:21

    Thanks Uncle Gold!

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  • Trevor

    Spoilers · 04/11/2014 02:02

    Posted on my birthday.

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  • fidolfio2

    Spoilers · 13/11/2014 15:11Played

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! :D

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