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16/12/2013 01:36 ·Spoilers

Pic of the day. Uh-oh, someone's observing from afar. That's no good. The Yellow Devil will come flying in from the background.



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  • Wow i can still comment here?Well while im here I hope Mr.Sakurai would include Zero from MegaMan X as playable or Kumatora from Mother 3 and Ninten as a color swap for Ness.

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  • Also Mr.Sakurai im predicting 6-28-14 as the release date for Super Smash Brothers 3D.And im predicting 11-14-14 for the WiiU version.I hope my predictions are correct.

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  • And just so you know [Which you already know] Ridley is too big and cannot be resized.Please just let us fans know.There are many fights and arguements on Miiverse about Ridley,just make it stop.

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  • Also Mr.Sakurai thanks for helping making this wonderful game and i hope your arm gets better!

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  • Jason

    27/05/2014 09:02 ·Spoilers

    LOL i get to comment on sakurai's oldest post

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  • Shawn

    18/06/2014 21:09 ·Spoilers

    last comment!

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  • why did you make him in the stage I am catholic

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  • Sam

    12/07/2014 07:50 ·Spoilers

    please shovel knight for smash yeah this if you agree

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  • first comment i found that hasent been filled up

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  • hi

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  • Sakurai please make a demo and add back roy mewtwo and Dr.Mario. Please do it Please i would never turn my 2DS Off ever

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    03/09/2014 03:36 ·Spoilers

    Ha! Flippin' last man! (Wow, not much of an accomplishment.)

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  • Yeahs Given1
  • Oh boy...people are finding out that this post comments haven't maxed out yet....

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  • @Sakurai: I hope you added Kumatora to the roster! Also, will you make a big reveal this week by showing all the entire roster? Also, why do people keep asking "Where's Ness?" It's obvious he's going to make it in...

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  • @Sakurai: As you can see, it's sad that the comment limit on a post is 1000. It always goes out fast and then Im never able to comment on your posts cause of there a chance that they can expand the comment limit?

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  • @Sakurai: This is the last comment on this post from me. I have 1 question, why was there never a digital demo for Super Smash Brothers for Wii U? There are people who didn't get to make it to Best Buy you know....Is there a chance you can release one?

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