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Spoilers· 18/12/2013 20:58


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  • Geoff

    Spoilers · 18/12/2013 21:00

    That is great Crista!

  • Crista

    Spoilers · 18/12/2013 21:17

    Thanks Geoff!

  • Jared

    Spoilers · 18/12/2013 21:47

    I wish I was as great an artist as you.

  • Crista

    Spoilers · 18/12/2013 22:11

    Thanks Jared!

  • Emile

    Spoilers · 19/12/2013 01:43

    I'm still waiting for your Ike drawing, Crista :P

  • Emile

    Spoilers · 19/12/2013 01:44

    By the way, this is great!

  • Crista

    Spoilers · 20/12/2013 00:00

    Emile I already drew Ike! :p thanks though :]

  • Emile

    Spoilers · 21/12/2013 11:43

    Ohhhh right XD.


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