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Spoilers· 15/01/2014 01:44


Director's Room

Pic of the day. Who's the girl next door, living in the haunted mansion? You'd better learn my name because it's…


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  • Sakurai

    Spoilers · 15/01/2014 01:44Played

    FYI, she's an Assist Trophy.

  • Andrés

    Spoilers · 15/01/2014 16:03

    PANTALONES GIGANTICUS! Oh no, not again...

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  • Tyler

    Spoilers · 15/01/2014 16:04

    Leam IX He says FYI she's an assist trophy.

  • Devin

    Spoilers · 15/01/2014 16:05


  • adriel

    Spoilers · 15/01/2014 16:06

    Please Sakurai i want Pac-man and Shadow the hedgehog in this game as playable characters, that be awesome

  • Kirbette

    Spoilers · 15/01/2014 16:06

    It's Ashley from Brawl! :-D

  • Tim

    Spoilers · 15/01/2014 16:07

    It's good to see more Wario Ware characters in this one. I guess that means Wario is likely coming back in his Wario Ware costume again. I just hope they still let us play as classic Wario.

  • €ħŕiş/G&W

    Spoilers · 15/01/2014 16:07

  • Nin★Ed

    Spoilers · 15/01/2014 16:07

    yup wario is back scene shes confimerd wario has to be back im not sure about waluigi?

  • Evan

    Spoilers · 15/01/2014 16:08


  • Scawtie

    Spoilers · 15/01/2014 16:08

    Ashley can't wait to smash-ley

  • Evan

    Spoilers · 15/01/2014 16:08

    @Kirbette She's from WarioWare.

  • Naz

    Spoilers · 15/01/2014 16:09

    So Wario must be back...

  • Jon

    Spoilers · 15/01/2014 16:09


  • BannedAgan

    Spoilers · 15/01/2014 16:09

    Ashley?! That means Wario is on his way! You've done it again, Sakurai. Great job. But please announce Yoshi soon. Both he and his fans are sad for him right now.

  • TJ

    Spoilers · 15/01/2014 16:11

    This means that Wario May be an assist trophy too. how about making a new Wario land game this year. consider Shake King from Wario land Shake for assist trophy Mr sakrai!

  • Matt

    Spoilers · 15/01/2014 16:12

    So AWESOME Sakurai!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex

    Spoilers · 15/01/2014 22:24


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