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Spoilers· 31/01/2014 01:24


Director's Room

Pic of the day. The heroic Aura Pokémon, Lucario, joins the battle!! We've increased the influence of Aura this time, so a damaged Lucario is truly a force to be reckoned with.


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  • Sakurai

    Spoilers · 31/01/2014 01:25Played

    Lucario joined the battle for the first time in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which was released six years ago. The production staff of Brawl worked really hard to expand the character roster--without their efforts, Lucario probably never would have joined the battle.

  • Chris

    Spoilers · 31/01/2014 07:05

    Sweet! Lucario was awesome in Brawl!

  • Zachary

    Spoilers · 31/01/2014 07:05

    Lucario Is Back !

  • hhuk

    Spoilers · 31/01/2014 07:05

    MEWTWO :0 nuuu

  • Wildfox

    Spoilers · 31/01/2014 07:05



    Spoilers · 31/01/2014 07:05

    the problem is everyone wanted MEWTWO MEWTWO

  • Deleted by administrator.


  • Rory

    Spoilers · 31/01/2014 07:06

    i hope mewtwo still comes...

  • Joey

    Spoilers · 31/01/2014 07:06


  • Marco-Polo

    Spoilers · 31/01/2014 07:07

    I never played as him, and I've never played Melee. I'm going to take a guess: THEY ARE THE SAME!

  • Rory

    Spoilers · 31/01/2014 07:07

    not that im against lucario hes great! i just want mewtwo also!

  • Jackson

    Spoilers · 31/01/2014 07:07

    Lucario is awesome! I'm very happy he's returning! :D

  • Keith

    Spoilers · 31/01/2014 07:07

    I am thankful to see Lucario in. But I wonder how this will affect Mewtwo fans. Maybe he still has a chance to be in for a Mewtwo vs. Lucario battle?

  • Zenon

    Spoilers · 31/01/2014 07:07

    Wooooo my sister's gonna freak

  • Jarvis

    Spoilers · 31/01/2014 07:07

    Didn't see that coming. I liked Lucario in Brawl, so I'm pretty glad it's coming back for Smash 4.

  • Jackson

    Spoilers · 31/01/2014 07:08


  • adriel

    Spoilers · 31/01/2014 07:08

    awesome Sakurai you a genius, now add Mewtwo Please

  • Caleb

    Spoilers · 31/01/2014 07:08

    I guess he'd be okay if Mewtwo gets comfirmed...

  • Kevin

    Spoilers · 31/01/2014 07:28

    All the Mewtwo comments need to stop Sakurai doesn't have to post pictures he does it for you guys and he could easily stop so I suggest you suck it up and deal with it

  • TFree

    Spoilers · 31/01/2014 08:08

    What was awesome is knowing that this game is coming out for the 3DS. Mario is who I play as the most and Lucario at one point was my 2nd most played. If Lip is in the game. It would be more awesome!


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