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25/04/2014 02:53 ·Spoilers

Pic of the day. MegaMan.EXE! X! Mega Man! Mega Man Star Force! Mega Man Volnutt! The Mega Man legends, united.



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  • Eric

    25/04/2014 10:33 ·Spoilers

    Man, so awesome..

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  • Ryo

    25/04/2014 10:33 ·Spoilers


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  • Joe

    25/04/2014 10:34 ·Spoilers

    A few good Mega Men =P This still makes me giddy. And that last sentence makes me want Mega Man Legends 3 so much more. Volnutt's my favorite...

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  • Lucas

    25/04/2014 10:34 ·Spoilers

    The Comments Filled so Easily, also X in HD looks Awsome!

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  • Ray

    25/04/2014 10:34 ·Spoilers

    My goodness. I can't stand this! It's too awesome!! (Can't wait for this game!!)

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  • mega man's final smash?

    Yeahs Given10
  • Derek

    25/04/2014 10:35 ·Spoilers

    I've only played Megaman X games, but this looks awesome!

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  • Vic

    25/04/2014 10:36 ·Spoilers

    Whats ROBs final smash

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  • I want to UNLOCK MEGAMAN First now because of this picture SORRY SONIC BUT ITS TIME FOR MEGAMAN TO SHINE

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  • GBA, PS1, NES, (I'm really not sure about this one... But) DS, & back to PS1.

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  • This game just keeps getting better and better.

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  • Espectacular!!!

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  • One of the last comments and please Sakurai make this game have party chat

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  • 3DESS

    25/04/2014 10:37 ·Spoilers

    This Final Smash is amazing Mr. Sakurai, a great tribute to these awesome Megaman games! I can't wait to see it in action in the final game. :D

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  • awesome

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  • magaman iss 2 c00l 4 u

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  • I came when i see that.....!!!!!

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  • Andy

    25/04/2014 10:47 ·Spoilers


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  • Nintendo you should buy the rights to Megaman, Capcom not doing any thing with it.

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  • They should really make megaman X a skin change because he had the best games

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