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16/05/2014 02:05 ·Spoilers

Pic of the day. You can choose to play as the girl villager too!! How lovely.



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  • Bella

    16/05/2014 09:05 ·Spoilers

    Aw how cute!

    Yeahs Given22

    Yeahs Given22
  • Thease Animal crossing costumes are perfect for Anamal crossing fans!!!

    Yeahs Given17
  • Junis

    16/05/2014 09:05 ·Spoilers

    I hope that some other fighters will have alternate costumes too.

    Yeahs Given27
  • sakurai yay alternative aspect instead of recolours now thats how you make a game

    Yeahs Given16
  • I would be happier if that villager girl on the left didn't look so stupid.

    Yeahs Given13
  • Dean

    16/05/2014 09:05 ·Spoilers


    Yeahs Given7
  • It appears instead of alternate color choices, you have alt. costumes/genders. Altho... Not too fond of Villagers alternatives XD

    Yeahs Given7
  • Oh snap, this was unexpected. I saw the ♀Villager coming, but FOUR ALT. COSTUMES? Yikes. Good work there, Sakurai. (DO THOSE LOOK LIKE FACES OF MERCY?)

    Yeahs Given20
  • soren

    16/05/2014 09:06 ·Spoilers

    great announcement to close out the week!

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  • Paul

    16/05/2014 09:07 ·Spoilers

    what a surprise......not

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  • Perfect!

    Yeahs Given11
  • I'm very glad to see this! Thank you very much, Sakurai-san and the guys at Sora! I hope that some other characters will have similar costume changes like this.

    Yeahs Given7
  • This is a swell addition.

    Yeahs Given8
  • This game is going to be the best game ever and I will be playing it all summer!!!

    Yeahs Given8
  • More Female characters, sweet! i think more characters should have more creative skins like villager instead of changing there colors

    Yeahs Given13
  • Pretty nice varriety in their appearances! :D I wonder if Cosmic Rosalina from Mario Galaxy 2 will be an alternate skin for Rosalina... I very much hope so! ^.^

    Yeahs Given11
  • TFree

    16/05/2014 10:47 ·Spoilers

    Just like I thought, you can play as girl villager! What would be even more lovely is if Lip from Panel de Pon is playable or an Assist Trophy.

    Yeahs Given11

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