Super Smash Bros. Series

Spoilers· 17/12/2013 01:48


Director's Room

Pic of the day. In the train stage, the rear car can change during battle. It'll detach and move backward, so be careful! This pic features the Linebeck Trading Company, which is being transported for some reason.


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  • [яβ☆Кιηg72

    Spoilers · 22/01/2014 15:50

    J'adore vilageois animal crossing

  • joseph

    Spoilers · 24/01/2014 14:49

    to bad i dont have a 3ds this stage looks awesome

  • Guilhem

    Spoilers · 25/01/2014 13:44

    Trop cool Linebeck !

  • Legolas

    Spoilers · 25/01/2014 19:20

    OK,quelequin peu me dire quand sort ce jeu ( super smash bros brawl 3DS ) SVP

  • Staliez

    Spoilers · 04/02/2014 12:18

    I will die if Linebeck actually shows up as a cameo during this stage.

  • Rellmon

    Spoilers · 07/02/2014 04:03

    Alfonzo is late...

  • Grellk05

    Spoilers · 13/02/2014 16:49

    uh, wasnt there a canon?! and why is that thing in the back of the train so long?! up to now im unimpressed with the game, i mean, wii fit trainer?! really!?

  • J-Dog Ryan

    Spoilers · 15/02/2014 10:53

    sakurai i have a idea 4 one of toon links taunts ezlo the minish cap can be on toon link's head and sqawk loudly and toon link jumps as ezlo is sqawking.

  • Mike

    Spoilers · 15/02/2014 23:31

    Hahahaha! Love the Toad shield. So funny. :)

  • Peyton J.

    Spoilers · 20/02/2014 23:32

  • [ųк]Issac★

    Spoilers · 01/03/2014 13:58

  • New Icarus

    Spoilers · 14/03/2014 21:56

    Can you add Tempo from Harmoknight?


    Spoilers · 22/03/2014 11:24


    Spoilers · 22/03/2014 11:24


  • BobBulb

    Spoilers · 05/04/2014 11:32

    I hope they will give us a summer release date in the Smash Bros. Direct! Fingers crossed!

  • *Kawayoo*

    Spoilers · 11/04/2014 09:23


  • Hannah

    Spoilers · 2 days ago

    Hey sakarai i know tht this is a late comment but who r all of the pokemon characters tht u can be?


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