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18/12/2013 09:59 ·Spoilers

Without further ado, a new fighter from a faraway galaxy joins the battle! The video is also a must-see!



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  • For more details, check out the official website at

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  • Yes! Great video, and Rosalina looks like she's going to be a very interesting and different fighter!

    Yeahs Given2
  • Yeahs Given2
  • you should have the troll face as a playable character :D

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  • Ben

    18/12/2013 18:07 ·Spoilers

    I hope that Rainbow Road part at the beginning becomes a new stage!!! That looked awesome!!!!

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  • i told people that rosalina would be in, but no one believed me!!!!

    Yeahs Given5
  • Daisy

    18/12/2013 18:08 ·Spoilers

    Well, I didn't see that one coming./sarcasm

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  • Sweet!Rosalina Joins The battle woo hoo!

    Yeahs Given4

    Yeahs Given2
  • Excited for SSB4!

    Yeahs Given5
  • Garry

    18/12/2013 18:09 ·Spoilers

    lol villager

    Yeahs Given3
  • Soran

    18/12/2013 18:10 ·Spoilers

    Doon't know why they bring Rosalina in so many games -.- Shes jus another marioprinzess..

    Yeahs Given3
  • oh mai. trap potential.

    Yeahs Given1
  • really nice cinematics!!!!! more videos like that please!!!

    Yeahs Given4
  • We're almost to the last comment! I bet almost everyone who commented is excited for SSB4!

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  • Garry

    18/12/2013 18:12 ·Spoilers

    i wish i had a pet luma

    Yeahs Given9
  • Why sakurai, why would u do this to us... i appreciate the new female character but we have enough mario characters as it is. the next character better not be another disapointment ._.

    Yeahs Given1
  • yo amo a rosalina,pero me encantaría ver en esta versión a oshawott,tepig y snivy en pókemon trainer ¿se puede,porfabor denles una oportunidad?

    Yeahs Given2
  • rosalina looks so beautiful in the trailer!

    Yeahs Given8

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