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Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U

Spoilers· 18/08/2014 01:29



Director's Room

Pic of the day. Nightmare Wizard appears as an Assist Trophy! He will engulf the stage in darkness, and fighters will need to brawl blindly for a while. Look out for the effect before it goes dark, and play it to your advantage. Blinding and reversal effects even make the computer players mess up.


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  • Sami

    Spoilers · 18/08/2014 05:24

    Look at that amazing lighting in today's Pic! Tell me, is that lighting not pretty darn cool looking? It just adds to my love of SSB4's new artstyle, it's easily the best looking game in the series thus far. Also, Kirby. Stop summoning evil things that'll attack Dreamland. Seriously, dude. Everyone else has to clean up after you.

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  • chuy:)

    Spoilers · 18/08/2014 05:24

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  • Daniel

    Spoilers · 18/08/2014 05:24

    The Japanese version of the kirby anime is way better than the lame 4 kids version. It even has a catchier theme song.

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  • Me!

    Spoilers · 18/08/2014 05:24

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  • Tevin

    Spoilers · 18/08/2014 05:24

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  • *****

    Spoilers · 18/08/2014 05:25

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  • Ciaran

    Spoilers · 18/08/2014 05:25

    Any more villains as Assist Trophies, Vaati, perhaps?

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  • ½K

    Spoilers · 18/08/2014 05:25

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  • Xan

    Spoilers · 18/08/2014 05:25


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  • Anyone else notice how Nightmare Wizard's arms appear incredibly thin compared to the size of his hands? On a side note, I really do like the reenactment of both Kirby & King Dedede's reaction of Nightmare's reveal. I now hope his Boss Theme will get a remix in Smash 4.

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  • Alex

    Spoilers · 18/08/2014 05:25

    Nightmare: How can I help you King Dedede? Dedede: I need a monster to clobber that there Kirb- Wait a second! I didn't call you! Nightmare: That's what I do best 'cause I'm NME! Meta Knight: Kirby will beat you with the Star Rod, guaranteed! Kirby: Poyo... <(-.-')>

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  • Goats are like mushrooms, if you shoot a duck im scared of toaster.

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  • PB

    Spoilers · 18/08/2014 05:25

    Meta Knight's face

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