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Hi, Marty here. I hope you're enjoying the summer holidays! There has been a small update to Miiverse today. In the web version of Miiverse, you can now show up to three of your favourite game genres in your profile. To set these genres, go to User Page => User Menu => Profile Settings. (By the way, this feature has been available on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of Miiverse since July!)


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  • finn

    Spoilers · 22/09/2014 15:13Played

    Dear Marty I have got a idea for a update for miiverse.When the music starts when you began miiverse Its really nice and calm and awesome but the only problem with it that it stops when you go on miiverse for a few minutes so please make it carry on Its really nice music and I love it so much so please make it longer thank you From Finn

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  • Doodle

    Spoilers · 23/09/2014 15:57Played

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  • 4gywgx

    Spoilers · 24/09/2014 13:51Played

    este juego es pura basura y peligroso para la vista humana

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  • 4gywgx

    Spoilers · 24/09/2014 14:00Played

    los ojos son muy preciados deja de mancillarlos por favor.

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  • 4gywgx

    Spoilers · 24/09/2014 14:11Played

    esto parece una sede de gays.

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  • 4gywgx

    Spoilers · 24/09/2014 14:14Played

    no se porque estoy en línea.

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  • #©hloe!★☆!

    Spoilers · 25/09/2014 11:06Played


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  • Isobel

    Spoilers · 30/09/2014 11:29Played

    summer hols? its september

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  • Magg

    Spoilers · 14/10/2014 10:15Played

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  • Tom

    Spoilers · 26/10/2014 11:53Played

    hello marty your awesome im but im asking whats the new ds thats coming out

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  • Hamodi

    Spoilers · 30/11/2014 04:38Played

    thanks im getting mario cart8 and i cant wait!!!!

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  • luca

    Spoilers · 03/01/2015 06:38Played

    make nintendo kart!!!! where you get to race on land,anti gravity,underwater,and in the air you can create your own characters, karts wheels and glider. when making the karts wheels and gliders you get to choose the stats although you only have 15 bars to share in the stats there are five bars in a row my kart would be top speed 3 acceleration 4 off road 3 handling 5

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  • Deleted by administrator.

    Comment ID: 3DB-NBL7-BXM-ZM7P-8PD-XZXC

  • i hateeeevjygf

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  • lucky, my 3DS still has the black screen of death and I just got a Wii U

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  • tu dessine bien Magg!!!

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  • luca

    Spoilers · 15/03/2015 10:22Played

    who thinks the idea of nintendo kart is cool?

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  • luca

    Spoilers · 15/03/2015 10:35Played

    actually , no. lets forget about the making of karts for now. this is the real way each part (karts wheel and glider) has an ability. but before we get into the technical stuff, lets talk about the glider. the glider can increase the speed by using points (see next post by me ) and its the same with the rest.you can use 3 points per part. next post i will talk about other stuff

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