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Spoilers· 01/11/2013 02:54


Director's Room

Pic of the day. Kid Icarus: Uprising is now available to download via eShop in Japan. By the way, we gave a makeover to Pit's pose when he's shooting his bow and arrow so it looks sharper. Do note that all images are still in development. This and past pics may be different from the finished product. Thanks for understanding.


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  • Tedde

    Spoilers · 27/12/2013 02:22

    pits arrow didnt even reach his hand, but its still in development so maybe it gets fixed.

  • LakenYates

    Spoilers · 28/12/2013 08:14

  • LakenYates

    Spoilers · 28/12/2013 08:19

    The last time I played Kid Icarus: Uprising, I got stuck between two walls.

  • Adam

    Spoilers · 28/12/2013 11:17

    Do you know when the game will be released?

  • kionte

    Spoilers · 31/12/2013 08:54


  • Sophie

    Spoilers · 01/01/2014 10:25

  • Hyper

    Spoilers · 01/01/2014 20:45

    Heh. I like archery but haven't ever seen someone put their hand like his while shooting.

  • kid123x

    Spoilers · 04/01/2014 09:55

    Bring kiu out in eshop europe

  • daddypants

    Spoilers · 05/01/2014 11:11

    pits awesome! his sheild throws back stuff

  • daddypants

    Spoilers · 05/01/2014 11:11


    Spoilers · 09/01/2014 11:59

  • Jasjas

    Spoilers · 19/01/2014 13:02

    Pit is the coolest carakter!!!

  • XDLugia

    Spoilers · 08/02/2014 14:48

    Please understand.

  • Zachary

    Spoilers · 05/03/2014 16:36


  • Norman

    Spoilers · 08/03/2014 00:15

    I noticed that there are now strings on it, like a regular bow. I just don't like the way his stance is when shooting.

  • ÐχGαłeKirί

    Spoilers · 12/03/2014 15:40

    is it like brawl where u can curve the arrow because doing arrow loops were fun in brawl and I find it useful when i'm battling online

  • Delta

    Spoilers · 13/03/2014 02:23

    palutena, amazon pandora, freaking hades just please add a representetive from Kid Icarus Uprising, They are all good!! (personally amazon pandora, but obviously palutena has the better chance)

  • Enzo

    Spoilers · 17/03/2014 19:47

    every thing is awsome no bosssome

  • New Icarus

    Spoilers · 03/04/2014 18:34

    Please add Magnus from Kid Icarus Uprising or more charaters why waste them.

  • hi

    Spoilers · 07/04/2014 16:09



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