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02/12/2013 01:46 ·Spoilers

Pic of the day. Turnips are used in the Villager's up-air and down-air attacks. Perhaps because the turnip prices fluctuate depending on the day's market, the number of turnips that appear changes every time. How cute.



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  • Sir... Can you add one last pokèmon? If so, can it be Mew?

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  • Maga man is saying:Why are you choking it I thought you cared about plants? Villager:I do.^_^

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  • sakori why does your mii look ......... sad :(

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  • Dusty

    27/03/2014 06:11 ·Spoilers

    I wonder how this is the only post that didn't lock yet?

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  • Leon

    29/03/2014 12:36 ·Spoilers

    I don't think Joan approves of using her turnips like that.

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  • Are There Animal Crossing Character's In This Game

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  • No, Mega Man, stop! Villager is training up the turnip troops for the war against Tom Nook!

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  • come on bring back ness captain falcon and ganondorf. also please put bowser jr and king k rool in the game please?

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  • nate

    24/06/2014 18:21 ·Spoilers

    so if we are kucky one fine day on acnl the like if reese was paying 105 bells for every turnip the damage percentage of his turnip attack will be more powerful

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  • I just comment on these post to get yeahs. so y'know

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  • king

    15/08/2014 15:33 ·Spoilers

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  • Maxi

    22/08/2014 07:54 ·Spoilers

    Villager: Mega Man du bist dumm! Mega Man: Klappe, Villager sonst gibt's was auf den Hintern!

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  • Luffy

    25/08/2014 10:48 ·Spoilers


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  • shulk confirmed :D

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  • Tails

    02/09/2014 22:35 ·Spoilers

    How ya' doin'?

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