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06/17/2017 5:13 PM ·Spoilers

im a new artist in training any tips or comments would be great



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  • Emu

    06/17/2017 5:54 PM ·Spoilers

    Tips? Comments? Every artist will tell you to practice. Practice on paper, practice everywhere you can. It just takes time to get better and better. I hope you take this into consideration. Just practice.

  • You just need to practice

  • well, u could look on youtube (better option, just use yr imagination! and everything will b fine) btw gr8 job!

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  • uh you should put the upper-part of the eye (the "eyelashes") closer to the eye (only a little closer). ALSO if the game has a shape-tool than use it to make the curved lines and ovals for eyes. IDK about this game its just art tips. (•″•″sorry if they didn't help

  • if you're making a full-body drawing, use basic shapes to make the positions and the body type

  • never make the face too pointed. arms are always the same as leg length. make sur proportions are the same on each side. most important DONT GIVE UP ON ANYTHING YOU DRAW if you dont like how something came out in your art keep it so you know wnere you made mistakes

  • I would add another eye, a nose, and then a mouth to start.

  • c'mon Zac, have a lighter heart!

  • @linkon.p,he was only giving her tips about how to start :3

  • Get a sketchpad and practice like mad. If you're drawing people I'd practice drawing hand positions and facial features.

  • whats an anime? and why cant you make it?

  • an anime is a genre in japan that has genres within that genre. and you obviously cant just make an anime do you have any idea how much it would cost to get everything you need. you more than likely wont be able to publish it because you would have to get into a really good college to get into one of the companies. the list goes on.


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