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08/17/2017 3:40 PM ·Spoilers

Phew - good timing! I do like how the low health beep works its way into the song playing in the background, that's really cool!



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  • This gem looks awesome. Have heard great things about it. Noticed the other day that it'll be released on the Switch. Thinking of maybe buying it on the Switch. Is it hard? Does it have a great story/lore like Metroid to discover, or is it more action/shooter oriented?

  • It's certainly not bad. To be honest I'm not very far in at the moment, so I'll have to get back to you with more in-depth impressions. So far the story is intriguing, but not very full-on. I would say in that department it's similar to Metroid Fusion. It is still quite focused on action and shooting, but the default controls didn't feel quite right to me. Luckily you can customise them.


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