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10/10/2017 5:33 PM ·Spoilers

I found the newest member of the Pikango Appreciation Club-



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  • oh nikki

  • Can i be in the clue please please pleeeaaasse steen please i like your drawings,posts,and little holiday month things and i think your posts are funny and even though im 10 dosen't mean i can't be you friend im not makeing a rant im just sayin and i'd like to be with you and you very funny,kind,weird(in the good way),and you care about me and everyone else you know or follow and i like

  • being with you befor miiverse ends i wrote this becuse your my friend your also very cool

  • Well yeah you can. You know who Pikango is right? Thank you Chara. Being here for all of you is what I do, and i'm glad to have been able to share all these experiences with everyone, even for just a little while. This has truly been a unique experience.

  • it makes sense they both like drawing and stuff

  • im sorry for not knowing but can you tell me about pikango plz im so so so sorry for not knowing him/her

  • Isn't Pikango the guy who tells you about the Great Fairy Fountain near Kakariko Village in BoTW?

  • @Steen (Transforms into Y U NO DEON) Steen Y U NO Respond to me!!! jk

  • Sam

    10/10/2017 6:46 PM ·Spoilers

    Well that's fantastic

  • I guess you could say she’s part of the PAC.

  • @Steen you must see this


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