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12/17/2016 6:28 AM ·Spoilers

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Ice Station Z Update.

Version 1.1 will be released worldwide on Wednesday 11th January 2017. (I tried hard to get it out before Christmas but because of the Holidays there just wasn't enough time.) Important: 1. v1.1 is not compatible with v1.0 in mutliplayer. 2. To play online you will have to update the game after the 11th. 3. I recommend Hosting games using a NEW save, so that games with "missing doors" and "items you can't pick up" get reset. If you use an old save that was already broken then these problems will still happen. Here is the change log: 01. Fixed exploit that allowed the player to become invincible. 02. Fixed system hang when rendering too many objects. 03. Fixed problem where triggers would be lost when Host Migration occurs. 04. Fixed issue where interactions could occur while sleeping causing unexpected problems. 05. Fixed problem where changing to a snowboard while sleeping could result in the player being stuck in collision geometry. 06. Fixed collision hole at end of corridor in underground base. 07. Fixed bug when using snowboard when already using vehicles. 08. Fixed bug with prone animation. 09. Increased prone movement speed slightly. 10. Added extra checks to make sure invincible players are no longer invincible or if they somehow become invincible the game will rectify it. 11. Increased number of zombies in multiplayer games. 12. Reduce effectiveness of Bear Traps versus other players. 13. Added a height check for Bear Traps so that they don't trigger when they are above or below the player. 14. Added sweep test to stop player falling through map. 15. Fixed collision bug on some beds. 16. Stopped displaying full sessions on the matchmaking screen. 17. Fixed problem returning to Home Menu during loading. Thanks for your patience everyone!



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