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01/29/2017 7:30 PM ·Spoilers

Open Closed


CREATE Your Characters & NPCs! DRAW Your Maps! PLAY Your Own Levels In Different Ways! Only In SDK Spriter! Available in eShop everywhere NOW, 20% off SDK Spriter if you already own SDK Paint! [NEW] Platformer Level Mode Coming to SDK SPRITER! (FREE) [NEW] Turn Based Battle Level Mode Coming To SDK Spriter ($) Why is SDK Spriter the BEST Wii U art game? It simply can do what NO OTHER game on Wii U can do! DIG IT! SDK Spriter is an all-in-one studio for creating retro video game assets, from the pixel art all the way to PLAYABLE levels. The final assets can be exported to Miiverse™ or the SDK Spriter online gallery. You can transfer full Sprite Sheets and Tile Maps From Your WiiU On To Your Computer! Smashing the competition SDK Spriter has 4 phases of content-creation: Sprites, Tiles, Maps, and Levels. BOOM! Sprites are animated characters with 8 frames and 4 compass directions. Tiles are sets of 256 square art pieces used in building environments. Maps are layouts of tiles, collision-maps, and warp-points. Levels are a combination of everything into playable form. Levels come in three forms: Overworld, Terrain, and Dungeon Master. Overworld levels present the player with an overhead environment similar to classic RPGs, including roaming NPCs. Terrain levels present the player with a pseudo-3D tilted environment similar to early racing games of the 16-bit era. Dungeon Master levels assist with conducting paper-and-dice RPGs, letting the DM/GM control on the Wii U™ GamePad™ what the other players see on the TV screen.



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