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04/05/2017 9:26 AM ·Spoilers

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Roguebots - Looking for feedback

Roguebots [JKS3NEAM] is a new game I've been working on, and I'm thinking about switching development to Unity and making it my first commercial game. Before I start, however, I'd really like some constructive feedback on this game concept. This version is not finished, but it contains all of the core elements. Please let me know what you think!



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  • To play: Press "X" to insert coins, and then "A" to start. The goal of the game is to pump each of the four chargers on the map to 100 or greater, which will open the elevator. Enter the elevator to win the level! If you charge a pump to 150, it will create a shockwave and stun all the enemies for a period of time, and if you charge one to 200, it will add a set value to all of the pumps...

  • at once. Each of these powers can only be performed once per pump, however. You can also shoot sparcs, which will stun enemies, with "B". You will then have to wait some time before you can use it again. Also, if you tap the touchscreen while on the start screen, you can access the operator's menu, which allows you to tweak game settings and view stats. High scores can be viewed by waiting...

  • a short amount of time on the start screen. I hope you enjoy the game! Obviously this isn't the final version, but please let me know what you think of the main concepts here. I'd like as much feedback as I can get. Thank you!

  • Unfortunately the majority of this community are not good at English, therefore I guess they cannot understand the rules of this game. I'll translate the summary in Japanese later. I felt nostalgic about this game. The air leak of every charge pump is very thrilling. I want more variations of maze and enemy.

  • このゲームは、敵の攻撃を避けながら、各フロアに1つあるエレベータを開錠して、次のフロアを目指す、レトロアーケード風ゲームです。 ・ゲームを開始するには、Xボタンでコインを1クレジット以上挿入した後、Aボタンを押します。 ・四隅にあるポンプは、Aボタンでポンピングすることにより、圧力が上がります。4つ全てのポンプの圧力が100以上のとき、エレベータが開錠します。エレベータに入れば、フロアクリアです。 ・各ポンプは、150以上に圧力を上げると、敵の動きを一定時間封じる衝撃波を発生します。衝撃波の発生は、各ポンプにつき1回のみです。 ・また、各ポンプは、200以上に圧力を上げると、他の3つのポンプの圧力を少し上げます。この効果も、各ポンプにつき1回のみです。 ・Bボタンで、敵の動きを一定時間封じるスパークを発射します。一度スパークを発射すると、次にスパークを撃つまで一定時間待つ必要があります。

  • I'm sorry I forgot to attach the screenshot of this game. 見た目はシンプルですが、ポンプの気圧がどんどん抜けていく焦りと戦いながら、敵キャラクターの動線を読んで、挟み撃ちを避ける必要があり、ゲーム性はかなり高いレベルを維持していると思いますので、是非プレイしてみてください。

  • @Hanzo Thank you so much for translating that! And thank you for the comments. Yes, more of everything will be added to the full version. Like I said though, I hope on finishing the game in Unity as my first commercial game. I plan on adding more maps, enemies and mechanics, as well as some bonus rounds and a boss fight. Until (or if...) I manage to finish the full version though, I hope...

  • you enjoy this small sample of what I hope to create!

  • I enjoyed playing current version very much and I'm looking forward to the full version.

  • 作者さんによれば、今回公開したものはサンプル版で、完成版に向けて、マップや敵の種類などの追加を予定しているようです。完成版が楽しみですね。


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