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04/07/2017 9:29 PM ·Spoilers

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Heard a rumor there is no way to use headphones to use the gamepad for all audio in this game, is that true? Kinda interested in buying the game but mainly awake nighttime and would like to not have to awake neighbours if possible.



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  • well, you'd be able to hear the gamepad sounds only. sadly that's the case for most, if not all, Wii U games that aren't off-tv.

  • gamepad sounds are only exclusive sound effects and not the TV audio, just to clarify

  • That's not the case for most Wii U games. Usually the game's audio coming from the GamePad will switch entirely to TV-audio when using headphones. Don't know how it works in TMS#FE. If the game still uses the GamePad audio only one solution would be to use (wireless) headphones on the TV.

  • Yea it is true there is no headphone mode or off TV play. If you wanna use headphones you will need to plug it in your TV


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