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@WIIULOVER, get the hell out here ya FRICKEN SJW!


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08/27/2013 1:26 AM

Hello, American fans! This is Takemoto, director of New SUPER LUIGI U. I'm pleased to announce that the retail version is now available in stores in North America! (View all comments to see transl...


08/15/2013 1:57 AM

Hi, it's Takemoto again, with our last Super Play video for New SUPER LUIGI U! (View all comments to see translations.) This time, Nabbit makes a guest appearance! Check out this coordinated Super ...


08/08/2013 10:50 PM

Hello there! This is Takemoto, with another Super Play from New SUPER LUIGI U. (View all comments to see translations.) In this Super Play, we had some fun with the sideways-flying Lava Bubbles. Yo...


07/31/2013 10:14 PM

Hello, folks! Sorry to have kept you waiting for so long, but we're ready to show you the first Super Play from New SUPER LUIGI U! (View all comments to see translations.) The staff here all pushe...


07/26/2013 2:12 AM

Hello! This is Takemoto, the New SUPER LUIGI U game director. (View all comments to see translations.) If you've finished the game already, I'm sure you've noticed that you can now travel to a secr...


06/18/2013 9:16 PM

Hello, this is Takemoto, the director of New SUPER MARIO BROS. U. An update for the game has been made available to go with the release of New SUPER LUIGI U. With this update, you can now purchase ...


04/25/2013 3:43 AM

Today's video is one of the final set uploaded to the NSMB U YouTube Channel. Thanks for watching!


04/18/2013 3:47 AM

This week's video is a speedy run of one of the trickier Boost Mode challenges! Blink and it's over!


04/11/2013 3:20 AM

Iceballs, big enemies, spin jumps, and 1-Ups! This week's video has it all! How many can you earn?


04/04/2013 4:03 AM

It's madcap mid-air mayhem in this week's video! The power of Boost Blocks makes anything possible!


03/28/2013 4:08 AM

Ever used a shell and stairs to earn 1-UPs? Watch this video for a Boost Mode twist on this trick!


03/19/2013 3:48 AM

Check out the iceball accuracy in this week's video! Can you complete a course without missing once?


03/15/2013 3:57 AM

Hi, Takemoto from Nintendo here. We've released an update for New Super Mario Bros. U!


03/12/2013 3:53 AM

It's 1-Ups galore in this week's video! Two players, Yoshi, and a Spiny. Do you have what it takes?


03/01/2013 2:46 AM

It's a 2-player version of last week's video! Watch as Luigi does his best to keep up!


02/20/2013 3:10 AM

This week, it's a Super Play above the clouds! Ignore the Snake Block and jump your way to the goal!


02/13/2013 3:02 AM

Tap Pokeys in Boost Mode to make gaps for your partner to jump through! Check the video to see how!


02/07/2013 3:57 AM

With Baby Yoshi's bubbles, you can complete a course without once touching the ground! Check it out!