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Super Metroid
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15 hours ago


Super Metroid

And the final one!

1 day ago


Super Metroid

how do i get to the other side???

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16 hours ago


The Wave Beam is in Norfair that has two green monster that shoots blue fireballs, a elevating platform, shoot the blue light to where u can open where the missile is and use the Grappling Beam to ...

1 day ago


Super Metroid

What i have to do here? D:

44 minutes ago


Go back to the right, blow a power bomb so you can build up speed n jump upwards to the left.

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6 hours ago


Super Metroid Community

Open Closed

y can't metroid crawl?

guys i'm not being serious it's a meme okay

8 hours ago


Super Metroid Community

Open Closed

hey guys i need some help just got the first reserve tank but e...

3 days ago


Super Metroid Community

Open Closed

I just beat other m, and while there are many glaring flaws I e...

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