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Favorite spooky/creepy music from any game?

Rey from Star Wars ISN'T a Mary Sue!

Fan Made Trailers And Nonplayable Fan Characters

Dificultades CPU y extras.

fav fighter


8 people vs Lvl. 50 amiibo? Who is going to win?

Is no one online?

A For Glory Question...

modo historia

if you could add 10 characters and remove 3 for smash for the s...

Is Pacman a robot?

Should Taunting be BANNED

Story Times

Which characters do you to leave, join, or stay in the roster?

Anyone else who likes Monstercat?

Am the only one?

Favorite Custom Move!

What happens in team battle soon as u get disconnected?

did you know:

Halloween costumes!


would you rather ride on yoshi back or on charizard back

мαΐηs? \(˙¬˙)/

Kirby Stage Idea?

Fun fact!

I hope someday.

What movie is this?

Bayonetta needs to be removed!

Characters you don't like in Smash ?

What Japan only games do you want localized?

NixUniverse / Phoenix Q&A

strong meta knight

Favorite desert levels?

jak paul qwit!

If you were a Smash character, what would you say in battle?

What names did you give your Amiibo?

whats the point? (one last goodbye to the super smash bros for ...

Your status on Wii U games after Miiverse ends

Any Captain Falcon tips?

Off topic I know.

Facts about gaming #2

Who would win in a fight, an army of Pokémon or an army of Fire...

Why the RPs?



Reasons why Star Wars 1-3 suck!

Is koopa the Japanese word for turtle?

Can anyone give me some Shulk Tips ?

What are you going to do