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3 hours ago

EASA2 9 week easy 25 of 36: 37:08 mins, 250.5 cals, 106 Avg HR, 136 Max HR.


6 hours ago

Feliz emagrecendo e atingido os objetivos!!


7 hours ago

elderly abuse


13 hours ago

35 minutes done! Worked mainly on my arms today!

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★☆Hyrule Legend's Weekly Challenge☆★

please don't end miiverse! please!


★☆Hyrule Legend's Weekly Challenge☆★

Challenge 1: Tilt City

miiverse closure

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2 days ago

The Active Team (ID 6203-2814-7240) created! Everyone Has To Be Active!


2 days ago

Wii U Community (ID 4788-6292-2059) created! my fitness community


3 days ago

Yoga gym (ID 4808-1452-5641) created! For people who like to experience yoga! :)

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