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Bard Jr.

2 hours ago

Relaxing yoga day with my new hat! Wishing you all a NCIS Friday! Remember the rules! ^_^


8 hours ago

Got in 47 minutes today! Did 15 minutes of free boxing and ten minutes of running; and ...


10 hours ago

Look at Mandy in wii fit clothes


10 hours ago

I think that's my fastest time ever on this test.

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★☆Hyrule Legend Jay's Weekly Challenge☆★

Fit Meter Hint: Belt

★☆Hyrule Legend Jay's Weekly Challenge☆★

wiiu chat? anyone???


You know what...

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In-Game Posts


3 hours ago

chass (ID 8530-4900-4760) created! working out


20 hours ago

HYRULE LEGEND GYM (ID 8929-2578-5702) created! Lets do our Best & Have Fun(^_^)/*High5*


1 day ago

Team Roserade Gym (ID 1845-9119-4440) created! Roserade members or other people join.


2 days ago

Yoga gym (ID 4808-1452-5641) created! For people who like to experience yoga! pls join!!

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