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Less than a minute ago

it been a long time becauses i started over a long time ago but lucky me i have pokemon omega ruby with ALLLLL my pokemon on it im glad i have a 2DS annnd a 3DS but now i have to beat pokemon X aga...


11 minutes ago

well luxary my favorite pokemon and lendaey are my 2 favorite


29 minutes ago

To find the mawilite, go to camphrier to,and go to the castle in the town. Go to the left stairs go to the top. The mawilite should be next to the stairs.


37 minutes ago

Nach 22 Stunden und 40 Minuten und einem Pokedex Stans von 297 die Top 4 und Diantha mit folgendem Team bezwungen: Quajutsu, Gewaldro, Glurak, Xerneas, Lucario und Zoroark. Hoffe es kommt noch was ...

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