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9 minutes ago

ch1 cont. leon: right since i travel so much and see lots of sights i think its best to let you see the sights as well right ralts? ralts:*cries of happiness* ???*in grass*: *rustle rustle rustle* ...


23 minutes ago

Have to restart Pokemon Y and OR and a few others cuz my cuzin reset my 3ds so i lost all downloaded games now redownloading them :'(


24 minutes ago

ポケットモンスター X・Yの最初のポケモンは何選ぶ? ケロマツ、フォッコ、ハリマロン ゼニガメ、ヒトカゲ、 男子○○ 女子○○ という○○はポケモンの名前でお願いします ポケモンにつける、ニックネームもお願いします


27 minutes ago

ch1 continue... leon: thank you sycamore i hope i help your studies on mega evolution. sycamore: actually i wanna ask you to help me understand the bonds with pokemon. that way ill understand the b...

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