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Is this game good?

Fourth world secret levels

Final boss


mad kid

love this game

My Thoughts on the game

please come in

3-á/ 3-b hint to get there

golden temple

Most underrated game in years.

rp post

rp post for me grounder and maalik

Cobra Fact of the Day!

Donkey kong

please help me! on the the final boss with hard mode!

Is it just me or...

Billy mays

rp post for me grounder maalik

Tropical Freeze has become one of my all time favorites.

rp post pt 2

rp post for me , maalik , and abby only

World 6 Boss

Second boss battle with owl guy


downloading game!

My Favorite Boss

Stop believing rumors people

Rumour: Retro's next title for NX, out 2017

♪Happy Birthday to my brother!♪

Jogar sem medo de ser feliz

Need help finding all puzzle pieces and Kong Letters for each l...

Nivel do Miiverse

Thank you Nintendo selects!

DKC TROPICAL: Nintendo Selects $30 CDN

Top 10

Brady is great

i'll take over this because it's my favorite

lugares secretos

You must have this game its amazingly good, im dk fun and i lov...

O melhor DKC e o jogo mais incrível dessa geração.

I like to buy the game... how much do you recomend buying it ??...

who completed hard mode

I've played this level over and over again, and still can't fin...

use the items from funky kong store

After not playing for a yr, i've restarted and having a blast a...

who completed twenty percent of the game

i hate world2-3 its extreme

i just played this game and things were going fine until the 3r...