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Who's your Favorite Character

demo has limitations

This was a fun but hard game.

Complete Game

Riva's Syega


mi prima

Hardest Boss for you?

Please, please, please, help me out!!!

Lunatic mode

No Slot

good game




Legend of the dank witch

===JEU DU JOUR-Harry Potter===

Can i play as other characters and how

how do i use rivas dash time?

What am I getting myself into?

Is Syega Mandatory?


A bug or an exploit?

North American 3DS eShop Downloads: Dec 17

The Legend of Dark Witch Episode 2

Mon avis sur ce jeu

Free Happy Winter Holidays 3DS Theme & Other 3DS News

What wood you be out of these things? pick one☆

Just got demo today! It's so fun!

CIRCLE Ent.-Upcoming Releases of Localized Games

Who is ready for apart two of this game hit yeah!

I'm gonna be honest completing this game with all power ups is ...

I don't have the full game, I have the demo and I beat Linsy in...

quickly do the dr. Willy’s move.... good girl

This game is a mix of Megaman, Shantae, and Kirby.

ok so r there like no dudes in this game

Has anyone voted Zizou for Smash?

Where is the Syeaga in the second level being Riva?

Is this game even any good

hia i killed princess pushover and i got 80 syega i spent 10 ho...

I was just wondering, how is this game? I've downloaded the dem...

Looking for that other Syega crystal on the first stage.Can i g...

What's the best skill against her(the best skill against zizou ...