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What am I suppose to do??

Air tower maze

please help me

please help me


please help me?


Blood Slime + Location? (Re–Posted)

Rare Monster?

Should I buy this game?

how to find the axe?

Red Slimes?

Red Slime?

What to do after blue tablet?

How To Play


Fairune II coming soon?

help please


How close is the demo to the game and is the game fun?

Hello Fairune Community,I just got this game,can't wait to play!

were do i use the oil?

Great game loved it :) ;)

Is this game good? I plan on buying it if its decent!

Doesn't anyone remember the GameBoy game Sword of Hope? Yeah if...

First Event Post!

First Tournament Post!

First Looking For Opponent Post!

First Looking For Teammate Post!

What's your best time?

Can't figure out where to go now. Ugh! :(