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16 minutes ago

is it a bird... is it plane!!! ITS A [squid] splatoon

ир& cNO5

37 minutes ago

nice colour


45 minutes ago

I think she likes me!


57 minutes ago

Thank you Inkling Girl Amiibo for my Splatoon Hair pin..... I LOVE IT!!!!!!

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petit squidqueez

Fini les amis.

Nouveaux mode CACHE CACHE !

Splatoon good?

splatoon is so good

Cache-cache splatoon en match privés.

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22 minutes ago


39 minutes ago

Le jeu est super franchement!!!!VIVE LE PETIT SPLATOON 2!!!!!! ;)


52 minutes ago

lil' Inky~

58 minutes ago

How can we drink a drink , but we can't food a food?

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