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chat with me #3

What's your favourite badge set so far?

Can you time travel in this game?

the new game

BadgeTalk#1: Should they add a "Keep Playing" feature?


How to post screenshots

SD card cant be read

Does anyone know how to delete badges??!!

no bad comments

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need help

should i make a season 3 of my badge story with more episodes ...

Which Badges would you wear IRL?

Ok can we do an undertale (it's a video game) week for nintendo...

Idea I'd like to see in an update.

drawing zone! ^^!

deliet it it will git rid of all bages



Is the Arcade bunny the easter bunny?

free plays

What happens to my bages if I detete the arcade?????????

Badge Questions/Concerns...

Need help

Uninstall this game? Or nah.

chat with me

Heavy Lobster?

Punch Out Badges?

pokemon shuffle codes ?? :(

N64 character badges

Switch Themes


hello wanna chat


Is there a way to get free themes


why the *@ק do you need to pay 1 buck each time you play. this...

The ??? is so happy

nintendo badge arcade


plz add these nentendo badge arcade!!!

why so

A U s of sans

presciso de seguidores

Binding of Isaac badges?