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What's your favourite badge set so far?

Can you time travel in this game?

the new game

BadgeTalk#1: Should they add a "Keep Playing" feature?


How to post screenshots

SD card cant be read

Does anyone know how to delete badges??!!

Badges to get

should i make a season 3 of my badge story with more episodes ...

Which Badges would you wear IRL?

deliet it it will git rid of all bages


Is the Arcade bunny the easter bunny?

What happens to my bages if I detete the arcade?????????

Badge Questions/Concerns...

Uninstall this game? Or nah.

Heavy Lobster?

Punch Out Badges?

pokemon shuffle codes ?? :(

Is there a way to get free themes


why the *@ק do you need to pay 1 buck each time you play. this...

The ??? is so happy


plz add these nentendo badge arcade!!!

why so

Binding of Isaac badges?


If i delete this game, do i lose my badges?

Why do they not let us link are Media?

link is cool in twilight princess

why why why

Error Occuring when I start playing?

Do These Even Have To Do With Spring

Thank-you Badges

Why Do You Have to Pay to Play?

Why Is It Taxed?

Why is it?

hey what happend...


nintendo switch


who iz ashley