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Ist das Spiel gut?

Como derroto a Ray :(

Backer exclusive transformations

Quel est le problème de ce jeu?

J'achète ou pas ?

Online Modus.

The Definition of Disappointing

Is this game worth it?


This game good or bad?

y all the hate?

Obligatory Mighty No. 9 rant


input config

Ray's story - Where to start?


Why you dont do this if you hate this game

Might not be a Mega Man, but does it blend?

Really that bad!?

The Sonic 06 of Mega Man type games.

Retro Hero DLC

do you like this?

Would Beck be a good date for an anime fan on prom night?

"Masterclass" Inspiration?

important question

So... is the game as bad as they say in the media?

Mega man???

Is it actaully better than nothing?

Was meint ihr?

Ray Edition kann nicht gedownloaded werden!

preorded and did not get retro skin

Ray Bonus levels

will this be on 3ds eshop

Any european backers got their free download codes?