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So it's been a year...

¿This game uses the gamepad?

скажите пожалуйста каким способом можно победить этого босса?

After Edin

Axiom Verge Help

getting this game for christmas online soon!


purple eggs

making this jump?

Trench coat

Is there a point of no return?

Stuck in Kur?

How do you find secret worlds

Anyone else find the controls and level design and also music i...

Any good?

This purple point...

What does the title mean?

This or metroid?

Can never tell when a glitch is international, or if its ...

Does this game have language of any kind?

Thanks for playing Axiom Verge! Any issues we should know about?

Those glitchy floors


I beat the game, again. This is a post for Mr. Happ. I have que...

should i buy

An actual glitch...

What is the purpose of notes?

Should I buy?

Is there a secret here?

game review

Wii U or PS4?

Ist es gut?

Can anyone help me.

What are "Reminders"?

aiming improvement

im considering getting the game....

How long is?


pro controller?

Est-ce que la version Wii U tient la route ?