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hi just hi

Does anybody wanna ally me?

Clan recruitmet (REKT RY)

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does anybody have an artic pistol?

My story when the zombies came

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Plz join The NovaLordz

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Can you make this game for the wii u?

Ice Station Z My Story On Game.




How many clans are there? and which is the best? ( '_')/

Survivors United Recruitment HQ

Ice Station Z

new invincibility glitch/exploit and shooting through doors?

ice station z



look clan co. for my new clan

Harbingers HQ

.JOIN. The Harbringers, to put an end to this ''Hydra'' ''Threa...

N.A recruitment 2

I need people to play please

Potato member list and Group time schedule. :b

Iron News

Should I get this game?

this is an apologie to the nintendo admins

Wobbly T. Plz Read

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is i worth it

lce Station z

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metal detector

napoleons army recruitment

Any new glitches on 1.2?

Español ISZ ver. 1.2

Why all the clans.....

what is your favorite gun

Update 1.2 problems

Attention All Harbingers League Members

what is all the cars and suff

Good game?

What is your favorite weapon in ISZ?

Hopefully CSM.NONO will see this.