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35 minutes ago

hat jemand vielleicht starke pokemon oder welche zum tauschen?

[Ng] Adri2

36 minutes ago

Pokemon prisma tempestad y jade tempestad , ep 8 , el comienzo . unos meses mas tarde… Adrian : chicos casi estamos en el altar de los dioses , donde comenzara la conquista de Exterminator . Iker ...


37 minutes ago

SHINY ELEKID YAY! [btw I evolved it to Electabuzz because you can barley tell its shiny]

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Andrew P.

04/25/2017 9:59 PM

Oops, I'm banned on Battle Spot and GTS. If you wanna battle/trade with me, do it on Link Battle/Trade.


04/01/2017 12:15 PM



01/29/2017 5:21 AM

Wicke is best waifu

Andrew P.

01/21/2017 8:53 PM

Zygarde is best husbando.

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