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Turtonator Moveset.



Nintendo Network Data Breach!

Waiting for the next game.

Pokemon Video Games

LF Shiny Salazzel

Battle Tree Redundancy..

Giveaway #3

Shinys For Trade!!!

★Sun/Moon Shiny Giveaway #1★

Pokemon Facts You Didn't Know: Episode #1

I got a Shiny Klefki from Poke Pelágo

Shiny Gyarados for trade!

ミミッキュ オークション

Pokémon Roleplay

im doing a starter givaway

alola clan

willing to trade any pokemon for shine metagross including my l...

Giveaway #136

Shiny Minior and Shiny Oronguru Giveaway for Free!!


Battle Tree is so dumb.. XD

FT: shiny smeargle

pokemon rp/ game help :]

Want to trade?

2 rp for lovell

Trade Post

Breeding requests?

shiny for shiny

Funny xD

Trading 2–4 iv competative UB's!

lv 100 for shine metagross

Shiny Trade

6iv shiny dittos with destiny knot for trade and a few 6iv luna...

Important Question

Pokemon Update

TOURNEY! SHOWDOWN AND SUN/MOON! Prize: Shiny Wishiwashi and 10 ...

alola rp p2

pokemon rp?

★~↓ À Gagner | 4 shiny strat au choix! ↓~★


Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Techno Blast RP #2