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What are the sidequests llike?


Acciones faltantes

Urabosas voice...

Does anyone else get Shadow of the Colossus vibes from this game?

HOW can I NOT Burn?!

Miiverse issues with the game?

Link and you

Rubber Helm

not zelda related...

What game is this

First Area


what is the item found in the 3 DLC chest ?

amo the legend of zelda

Most Tedious Enemy?

Finish Gerudo Town or Goron City?


Error screen keeps on appearing on 2DS


Where can I find clothes to get to Goron City so I don't burn t...

Death Mountain

plz i need this game

should I get this game? on wiiu or get switch

Has anyone else found the Ninendo Switch Tunic for Link? If I c...

A couple random questions


como quitarle la Reliquia a impa

Help guys!

How do I know which armor is better?

"Where the forest dragon splays its jaws, a shrine sleeps with ...


I got the photos on the computer, but how do I put them on my p...

En que parte de la cronologia esta BoTW

Switch WiFi problems...

about the clothing

Can I play this game without a TV?

got a question

has anyone beat the game.

Korok Seeds in menu vs loading screen?

Only women are allowed in Gerudo Town.

Sudden Unexpected Power downs

Rubber Armour

what you think

where is the master sword

Crianças Vamos Jamais Garantem