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how many hearts do you need for the master sword?

shrine help

What is the Shard of Farosh's Horn?

were is the korok forest?


The Shrines

I want to defeat some bosses or test of streangth shrines, but ...

what to do

Zora Helmet?


this gam is so hard wat do i do


why cant i keep the bow of light

BOTW newbie needs tips on horses.

u know i find it funny

Can you stash your extra weapons somewhere?

question about Goron city's abandoned mine;

A jungle expedition

wheres the master sword?

oni link sword

About the BloodMoon shrine...

wii u or switch?

Ways to kill Lynels #2

how do you catch a hyrule bass?

were is the location to find a hyrule bass?

Best Zelda game?

Food for Rupees

How do you cook Salmon Meunière?

Is the 1st expantion pass out yet?


I want to makes you an a quest. Who is more difficult, the wate...

Blood Moons

Any suggestions on switch games?

what are the ingreidients to the old mans recepe

How do I ask a question on Miiverse?

leviathan bones

arms + LoZ = dlc

Master sword?


Need help.

Waiting to buy on switch and have a few questions

I have a problem with my season pass