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how do i get in there

Travel Medallion Location

lord of the mountain

DLC pack 2


Best way for rupees early on?


which is a better handheld psvita or switch


where do i find heat armor I cant get to goron village

where is it

Your favorite region?

i bought cute white knee sox w tossles today glad i bought them!!

contestame porfa esta pregunta

Wii U Ports for the Switch?

sword talk


Best side quest

Armor HP

Help!!!! Armor question

Lost Woods

Secret of The Snowy Peaks:Shrine Quest

flame ganon

anything cool that you guys have found through your game?

Legend of zelda breath of the wild.

Master Sword durability

korok seeds?

Cosplay Ideas IN GAME!

Help please?

900 koroks

Tips for Trial of the Sword?

how to take a screenshot on wii U ?

Wind Waker & BOTW...

Guardian shafts and Cores

Bow of Light glitch.

DLC Pack 2

Where is one of kilton's locations?

How do you take screenshots?

What day does the second DLC come out?

tunderblighit ganon help

flame proof armor

How to get back in bounds?

trial of the sword tips

Bow byeing

Your reaction?

Are Link and Zelda elves?

fierce diety link

Is breath of the wild worth it? Is it good? Should I get the sw...