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fire pants/boots?

when you buy a dlc...

Waiting for DLC pack 1 until I play.

Glitch, no korok... -_-

Save the worst for last.

good way to climb mountains!!!

Eventide Cheat

How to get warm clothes!

Bomb Arrows


'what to do

Akkalla tower

Shine by the master sword

The soword that seal the darnkes

epic game

Not-sarcastic Thoughts On Game.

get a horse and search for shines

Switch users with Breath of the Wild...


I feel like the bosses in this game are way too easy

When you dont have botw for wiiu so you can only post here.

Armor/food buff stacking

tlm s'en fout

Out of Bounds

Ways to improve BotW

The Zora Armor.

I found a way to get the master sword at 3 hearts!

Help with a Boss

BoTW Boss Tips: Waterblight Ganon

He feels like a monster


great game


Weapon evaluations

Secret Feature

When you only have good weapons and a chu chu pops up.

ereh my goshed

BoTW Boss Tips: Molduga