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Demo usage limit

Is this worth buying

Energetic is the best personality

NPC interaction

how did the king get so fat

HP Bananas and MP Candies

What happens if you lose against the Darker Lord?

Any way to speed up the process of finding new enemies?

does any body want to be friends with me?

Party Members

i dont have miitopia just the demo so sad : (

What grub would you like to eat in real life?

Rock Paper Scissors

What's your top 3 grub?

elven charm

Answer my question about Miitopia!


Warrior Class

Food Grinding


lost puntanchll

Should I get Miitopia?

Why does Righteous Anger always fail?


one class

New Miitopia Bosses/Enemies!

oppion[did i spell that right]‹‹‹

Something I don't understand...

Pharaoh/Genie Boss fight?

im stuck

Does anyone know if i can change my job?


Hunting Spots

Where do you find Dark Lord replicas?


I am generally triggered that miitopia isn't on Wii U

dudes how do you beet the last boss

One final piece of Grub left! No star Ultimate Delicacy

How good is This game?

important stuff

what do you usally do with grub save it for a feast or eat righ...

On a scale of 1-10,

Este juego esta en tarjeta?