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Emperor Bulblax

ese ju go es jenial pero no lotengo pero lobi y solo tengo 202

Favorite Pikmin?

Favorite Journal Entries? 🤔📓 ❓

should i get hey pikmen

10 to 90

Louies notes on the hey pikmin community

hi everyone!! do you recommend this game?

Helo kala

hey everyone hows school going for yall

Pikmin worth the money???

And i wonder

Not pikmin?

Why hasn't Hocotate Deliveries fired Olimar yet?


hey pikmin

tell me a little about you

On a Scale 1-5, how much do you recommend this game?

Challenge Mode


Hey [B]ikmin


How are you guys liking "Hey! Pikmin"?

New Pikmin Types You Wanted To See

what happen to bulborb's

Are you tired of playing the same game

is this good


how many levels does hey pikmin have

White and Purple Pikmin?


Question for some descriptions

how do you take a picture

i got hey pikmin today

Is Navi a character in this game.


i dont have the game...but i wanna know how fun it is..PLEASE!!

Is it worth getting?

How much storage do you need for the downloadable version

Secret Spot 2 and Secret Spot 3?


Enemy log

Pikmin amiibo

Is the game in 3d or 2d?