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Koi DX


01/20/2017 8:49 AM

Have you checked Koi PV? here is: A busy koi starting its journey.

Mercenaries Saga 3


12/22/2016 5:19 AM

Have you checked out Mercenaries Saga 3 trailer? Its a fantastic Tactic RPG, here is:

Touch Battle Tank - Tag Combat -


11/25/2016 12:46 AM

Have you check the video of Touch Battle Tank -Tag Combat? Its totally enhanced version, provides much better fun for you and your friends.



10/20/2016 12:03 AM

Fairune 2 ready to releases in NA 3DS eShop(Tomorrow, 20th Oct), check out the PV:

Noah's Cradle


10/19/2016 3:13 AM

Check out promotion video of Noah's Cradle. Follow us on twitter: @CIRCLE_Ent to get more information of our future Nintendo games :-)



09/16/2016 9:19 AM

Check out Polara introduction video here:

Adventure Labyrinth Story


09/02/2016 10:42 AM

After Adventure Bar Story and Mercenaries Saga 2, the new one: Adventure Labyrinth Story just came out!

Brunch Panic


08/23/2016 8:20 PM

Best CIRCLE's collection review 02: 3DS eShop Game Sweet Memories Blackjack!

Witch & Hero


08/20/2016 6:41 PM

Best CIRCLE's collection review 01: 3DS eShop Game Witch & Hero.

Kingdom's Item Shop


08/18/2016 11:47 PM

Open your own item shop and sell your stuff.

Ambition of the Slimes


08/11/2016 12:42 PM

This awesome game(Tactic RPG) it's very fun, check out Ambition of the Slimes, it's released!

Puzzle Labyrinth


06/09/2016 1:11 PM

Puzzle Labyrinth is a game where the player must solve puzzles and find items to open doors that lead to the exit of a maze. With 60 stages filled with traps and monsters getting in the way, it is ...



03/25/2016 4:36 AM

Hehe. So fun right? Game play video is here:



03/24/2016 2:59 PM

First review: 10 out of 10! If you enjoyed the original Witch & Hero then this is a no brainer, and if you like quick bursts of simple action RPG gameplay with a retro look and feel, this should de...

Witch & Hero


03/08/2016 12:52 PM

Time to introduce the sequel: Witch & Hero 2! Its coming to NA eShop very soon!

Parascientific Escape Cruise in the Distant Seas


03/04/2016 7:53 AM

Hitomi Akeneno is a 16 year old high school student with a little secret - she has not one, but two psychic powers. After receiving an invitation, she boards a luxury cruise ship with her friend, C...

The Legend of Dark Witch 2


12/24/2015 11:54 PM

A nice platform game created by an amazing Japanese indie developer. Watch The Legend of Dark Witch 2 game intro video here.

Petit Novel series - Harvest December


12/11/2015 1:58 AM

Hi Everyone, thanks for you chosen our new game Petit Novel series - Harvest December. It is a collection of 13 stories(Adventure Novel Game) set in the small, snowy town of Tagami. Check out the v...