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Mario Kart 7


3 days ago

GGs dude! Your pritty good! Little tip, Pull up in the boost flight zones to get extra ...

Mario Kart 7


01/16/2017 8:58 PM

I cant believe it! :D 4 groups!? 1,050 players!? SUPER PRIX IS BACK BABY! =D (It's my h...

AiRace Xeno


12/22/2016 9:56 PM

Qubic games, please make an online Airace game with 6-8 players racing on one track and...

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21 hours ago

Open Closed

Survivors United [SU]

(Formerly known as the "Troll Hunters") We are a clan who help players survive. We help the new get started, and help the experienced in a pinch! We also hunt down...

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13 minutes ago

So should i put SU in my name?