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Star Fox Command

JCnator U

25/11/2015 20:57

The short jingle used during the startup intro is the stuff of nightmare. It felt like ...

Super Mario Maker

JCnator U

22/11/2015 23:52

I'm currently sitting at 240 stars right now and hit half of my upload limit. Relying o...

Super Mario Maker

JCnator U

21/11/2015 21:12

It's been quite a long while that I last uploaded an original stage of mine. So, here's...

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Super Mario Maker Community

JCnator U

1 day ago

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Sweeping Snake Block Fortress

It's been overdue by a day, but the level is finally there! In this level, test your accuracy, reflexes and wit in a fortress filled with faster Snake Blocks, Grin...