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Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia


05/20/2017 8:46 PM

So long story short, I didn't know how to properly use a door, leaving me with half of ...

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D


01/21/2017 9:12 AM

Finally heading to the bottom of this underground maze. Hopefully, there aren't any mec...

StreetPass Mii Plaza


01/10/2017 9:40 AM

Armour doesn't get much cooler than this.

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Christmas Adventure of Rocket Penguin Community


05/27/2016 3:19 PM

Open Closed

Use This Exploit to Get a New High Score

Get Rocket Penguin sliding on the ground while tapping snow between him & the ground. Not only will this make him slide farther, but it will also not affect your g...