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17/07/2016 23:38

Here is what I hope to be the final design of my first Watchtower. An NPC is able to oc...



17/07/2016 23:34

A work-in-progress, but still worth showing off. This is the Sky Cafe, and has a very p...



17/07/2016 23:30

This is the fishing house I had planned to make for the Angler. He can keep all his bai...

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22 hours ago

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In need of an Hardmode World with Steampunker

I need a whole load of Green Solution that only the Steampunker sells. If someone's Steampunker happens to sell Green Solution, I would much appreciate you adding ...

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14 hours ago

could i buy you some like 2 stacks or so and give it to you in a new world ???(that you dont troll me and destroy my house)