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PAPER MARIO Color Splash


10/18/2016 4:22 PM

Win it or Sniffit is so exciting! (okay, posting this to miiverse to cheat... ya caught...

Xenoblade Chronicles X


01/11/2016 4:58 PM

Just having a picnic in Noctilum

Xenoblade Chronicles X


01/08/2016 2:25 PM

Gosh, I love this game

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Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival Community


11/30/2015 6:14 AM

Open Closed

Next thursday (3rd of December) in the e-shop!

The 'Xenoblade, xenoblade, xenoblade, XE NO BLADE! HYPUUUUUH!!!'-edition. Check all the new stuff coming on the 3rd & 4th in the comments!