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Kirby: Planet Robobot

Ÿουήg L¡ηκ

26/06/2016 18:05

I beat the main story of Kirby planet Robot. :) The ending of the game was pretty good ...


Ÿουήg L¡ηκ

26/06/2016 00:00

I'm a little late to the party tonight as I did not start till 9:45pm. At least I made ...

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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Community

Ÿουήg L¡ηκ

1 day ago

Open Closed

One of the best games made, in the history of games.

Great games like Super Mario RPG make me wonder why Nintendo does not share their Ip a little more offten. Anyway this is one of best games out there full of fun r...

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7 hours ago

It may inspired the newer rpgs but as a game i found it pretty dull and boring