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Ÿουήg L¡ηκ

15/05/2016 11:29

I had a pretty good splatfest last night and got king once again. Now this may be the l...


Ÿουήg L¡ηκ

14/05/2016 02:07

Yay maintenance time sigh. :( This is by far the worst Splatfest ever due to issues wit...

Super Mario 64

Ÿουήg L¡ηκ

13/05/2016 10:40

Koopa hungry, nom nom nom on marios head.

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The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Community

Ÿουήg L¡ηκ

10/04/2016 13:30

Open Closed

What do you think of the online servers in this game?

I seem to be getting alot off lag when playing online with others. This is making the game no fun to play online half the time. Now I'm pretty sure it's not my con...