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Super Mario Maker


11/27/2016 6:21 PM

My level is number 17 here! I wonder how it got here to begin with. Didn't see it on hi...

Super Mario Maker


11/27/2016 2:59 PM

Happy to see that one of my best, "Playing with Power", is getting played a lot today! ...

Animal Crossing: New Leaf


11/09/2016 12:06 PM

I just ran into Ganon...watering flowers...I am not sure if I was supposed to see this....

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Hulu Plus Community


11/23/2016 2:03 PM

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Pokemon Origins is better than the main series

I just watched of Origins for the first time and I honestly really enjoyed all 4 episodes, more tham any of the main series with Ash and such. Team Rocket was actu...