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01/05/2017 10:09 PM

Is it true that in JPN, you can go out in the wild, and catch the starters? So theoretically, you can have all of the starters in Beast Balls. It really seems like the people in JPN really seem to ...

Pokémon Sun & Moon


12/24/2016 10:04 AM

So I got to 29 Wins in the Battle Tree, and I went to face my next opponent. IT WAS CYNTHIA! I literally threw my 3DS in happiness/shock because of this. So HYPED!!!!! Also, shame on Wally for usin...

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1 day ago

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Battle/Chat Post. Volume 63.

A post where friends can challenge me Smogon OU 6 v 6 Singles, and chat. #FinishedBuildingMyNewTeam #Can'tWaitToTryItOut #NerzGotTheLastPost #SoGetACookie #InOther...

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2 hours ago

yea mega medicham is my boy lol