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Ice Station Z

Ninja 2.0*

15 hours ago

Seriously?! This is one bad time to be unprepared...

Steel Diver: Sub Wars

Ninja 2.0*

2 days ago

Eh...I'm not the best...But I'm ok

Ice Station Z

Ninja 2.0*

10/14/2017 7:15 AM

So uh,Nintendo, I found a building without a door...and At the military base I found a ...

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Monster Hunter™ 4 Ultimate Community

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Ice Station Z Community

Ninja 2.0*

2 days ago

Open Closed

The Cheif Oulaw Clan (ISZ)

The Cheif Outlaw Clan (TCOLC) is a clan that helps out the people of ISZ by cleaning it up from all the bad guys and hackers. In this Clan...We have NO Allies! Las...

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11 hours ago

nothing somehow